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ProXcellence is searching for junior, medior and senior SAP Integration talents for our offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

ProXcellence specializes in SAP Process and System integration using SAP Integration solutions such as SAP Business Process Management, SAP Business Rules Management, SAP Process Integration / Orchestration and SAP HANA Cloud Integration.

Business Process Excellence build on expertise and experience is what we stand for. Based on expertise and experience we know what is best for our customers in order to achieve their business goals. Our ability to deliver end-to-end Business Process Excellence transcends the capabilities of any other organization -of any size, anywhere.

We are hiring senior and junior consultants to be trained in the newest technologies like SAPUI5, Process Integration, Business Process Management, Cloud, …

Our Values :

  • Personal growth

We value personal growth and we provide opportunities to develop your talents. We believe all our people have the potential to grow and Proxcellence will provide opportunities.

  • Everybody makes a difference

Everybody can make a difference in their work either by doing something exceptional or via a positive influence towards a colleague. We will help with practical, pragmatic idea’s in order to unleash their passion and positive influences.

  • One step ahead

The secret of being one step ahead is to get started. We will constantly being looking for new technologies in order to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

    Experience in Business Process Modeling, BPM Notation (BPMN) , Service implementation, Service Registry. Experience with SAP Netweaver version 7.5, 7.4 or 7.31 is an advantage. We will provide a training on all products. You are experienced in other BPM tools and like to learn other innovating technologies with SAP BPM are also welcome to join.
    Experience in SAP Netweaver Process Integration, version 7.11, 7.31, 7.4 and 7.5 Service developments, B2B, Knowledge of EDI, EDIFACT. We provide upgrade training on the latest releases.
    General SOA Architect, knowledge of SOA Principles and Designs, Security. Able to adivise SOA architectures with our customers.
    SOA Governance expert with experience in Service Designs, Life cycle, Governance processes.
    Process experts with experience analysis and design of business processes, process mining and process intelligence.
    We also are looking for young IT professional, starting their IT career after finishing education !
    Interested or questions about these open position, please contact us by sending your cv to or contact our offices.

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