“Developer” in the SOA sense becomes a broader role since developing an SOA application includes more aspects than plain programming, such as implementing a process.

Enterprise Services can be developed in different technologies : java, .net, ABAP. The starting point of enterprise service implementation is the Service Registry. Following the outside-in approach, one first models the interface of the service to be implemented in the registry.

Once the service interface is defined, the actual implementation in the back end can take place. According to the service definition in Service Registry, service provider proxies for communication and data conversion can be generated. The service will be deployed when the implementation is done. To make the service entity known in the landscape, publish the service in Service Registry so that the service can be used.

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Awareness and understanding” of SOA among companies, has grown in the last 2 years..

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How to start building your SOA environments ?

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a Future or Target architecture for enterprises, that provides a blueprint for building a roadmap..

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Nowadays, companies need a holistic picture of what’s happening in real-time across their business.

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Process visibility is more than business activity monitoring (BAM). Process intelligence means collecting business events from all these sources

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will provide businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures.

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The enterprise service developer models, designs, and implements enterprise services.

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