Who are we

Proxcellence is a dynamic consulting and services company dedicated to Business Process Management (BPM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Composite Applications developments, Process Intelligence, Process Mining & Cloud Integration Services.

We deliver all the necessary knowledge and experience to efficiently and successfully implement and leverage this Next-Generation Business Process Platform. With offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and France, we are geared to assist our clients all over Europe.

Our Mission

Our missions Inventing new and better ways to help organizations achieve business results faster. Our ability to deliver end-to-end Business Process Excellence transcends the capabilities of any other organization—of any size, anywhere.

The Team

We value personal growth and we provide opportunities to develop your talents. We believe all our people have the potential to grow and Proxcellence will provide opportunities.

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Strategy & Approach

Our offering for Business Process Excellence covers the entire life cycle of business processes. Our strategy is to enable customers to develop and run automated, flexible, and efficient business processes. This is achieved through programs that, as Web services, can be easily controlled and managed within a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The rapid creation of new processes through the reuse of programs or parts of programs in these Web services, the control of these services, and the monitoring of all created applications in real time are equally important. In this way we provide support to IT and Business, bridging the gap for the new technologies like BPM, BRM, SOA, BAM and B2B. We invest our knowledge in new and innovating technologies like Cloud Integration Services (SAP HANA Cloud Integration) and Smart Data Streaming based on Complex Event Processing (CEP). Get in touch