Business agility and process innovation

Innovating, developing and optimizing your competencies and thereby transforming your business models has historically been considered a slow and difficult process, but a combination of business process management-specific expertise and enabling technology of service-oriented architecture is reducing the time barriers to change.

Through BPM, business processes are more effective, more transparent, and more agile. Problems are solved before they become issues. Processes produce fewer errors, and those errors surface faster and are fixed sooner. Effective processes are more consistent, generate less waste, and create greater net value for customers and stakeholders. BPM directly promotes increased process effectiveness through the adaptive automation and coordination of people, information, and systems.

BPM delivers process agility, minimizing the time and effort needed to translate business needs and ideas into action. BPM enables business people to define processes quickly and accurately through process models. It enables them to perform what-if analysis on business scenarios. It empowers them to configure, customize, and change transaction flows by modifying business rules. It directly translates process designs into execution — integrating systems and building applications codelessly and seamlessly. Moreover, the BPM platform comes equipped with technology components that make codeless development and integration fast and easy.

you need to get started with SOA or BPM ?

SOA & BPM Foundation >

Awareness and understanding” of SOA among companies, has grown in the last 2 years..

Awareness >

How to start building your SOA environments ?

SOA Governance >

a Future or Target architecture for enterprises, that provides a blueprint for building a roadmap..

Reference architecture >

Nowadays, companies need a holistic picture of what’s happening in real-time across their business.

Smart Data Streaming >

Process visibility is more than business activity monitoring (BAM). Process intelligence means collecting business events from all these sources

Process intelligence >

will provide businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures.

Process modeling >

The enterprise service developer models, designs, and implements enterprise services.

Service developments >

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