SAP Process Orchestration : SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration provides an easy and flexible middleware platform to design, model, implement, execute and monitor business processes by ensuring seamless connectivity to multiple different business/ technical systems and applications (SAP and non-SAP).

Along with the options of creating human and/or system centric processes, it also provides an effective way to define and manage business rules which are essential to easily change the business process behavior by non-technical stakeholders.

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration offers three products under one umbrella:

  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management

SAP Solutions

you need to get started with SOA or BPM ?

SOA & BPM Foundation >

Awareness and understanding” of SOA among companies, has grown in the last 2 years..

Awareness >

How to start building your SOA environments ?

SOA Governance >

a Future or Target architecture for enterprises, that provides a blueprint for building a roadmap..

Reference architecture >

Nowadays, companies need a holistic picture of what’s happening in real-time across their business.

Smart Data Streaming >

Process visibility is more than business activity monitoring (BAM). Process intelligence means collecting business events from all these sources

Process intelligence >

will provide businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures.

Process modeling >

The enterprise service developer models, designs, and implements enterprise services.

Service developments >